Treatments - Dental Implants.

Implant Therapy
Teeth are very rarely lost in this day and age, because every effort is made to save them. There are a number of reasons why teeth may need to be removed:
  • Structural reasons: When there has previously been a lot of decay and very little of the tooth remains. For example root filled teeth with post crowns, or broken teeth.
  • Gum disease: The supporting bone around the tooth is lost due to pocketing and infection.
  • Unsuccessful root canal therapy: Teeth that have been root canal treated can be prone to persistent infection resulting in a poor prognosis, and are often better removed.
  • Incorrect positioning: Such as when a tooth is buried under the gum or has come through in the wrong place.
Whatever the cause of the problem, the end result is the root of the tooth is removed. Implant therapy is the replacement of the root with an artificial root that is made from titanium.This procedure can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth or all the teeth.

The implant process is a three-step procedure. The first two steps are surgical. The third step involves making and attaching your new teeth.

During your first surgery, the implants are placed.

During your second surgery, the implants are uncovered or exposed.

During the last step, your new tooth is attached.

Examples of Implants

Before and After:

A natural tooth and implant

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